AIRTunes is an Adobe AIR mp3 player that makes use of the Bedtime Tunes XML file, which delivers bedtime tunes to doze off to and is updated nightly.

Compact mode

There are two modes available, full mode and compact mode. When starting the application, it will be in compact mode and randomly pick one of the songs in the feed and start playing it. You can either choose to stay in this mode and have the ability to randomly browse all the songs or you can go to full mode.

Full Mode

In full mode you get a list of all the artists and titles. You can sort these columns by clicking on their headers. Standard, they are sorted by release date. (newest posts first)

When the song you are currently listening to is finished, it will randomly pick another song.

Timer functions

In the Timer window, you can set a time-out to doze off to. The player will not stop abruptly, but finish playing the current song if it exceeds the chosen time. You can also let the player wake you up at a chosen time, gently waking up for a new day.

AIRTunes is available for download here1.

  1. Februari 2012: Due to recent events, I've decided to take down the download link for this solution.