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Secure Strings

A lot of programs use some form of passwords. These are usually kept in memory. The issue here is that a program's used memory is very easy to read out...


Playing with Generic References: Hidden features of C#

When writing generic classes, it's highly likely you've gotten to the point (at least once) where you had to write a piece of type-specific code (wether due to third party...


Automating your wake up alarm using Tasker

Setting your wake up alarm, you have two choices. Either you let it automatically wake you at a set time and let that alarm repeat, or you can do it...


HTPC: Getting rid of your RDP Woes

Last year, I finally decided to get a HTPC hooked up to my TV set (running Windows 8.1). While it has been a major improvement on my TV experience, it...



When working with a mutable instance, it's often useful to keep a certain state of that object. This issue is usually solved by implementing IClonable or using Serialization (followed by...