Hairstudio Admin

HairStudioAdmin is a tool developed for Hairstudio Christel & Glen. It is a tool to keep track of all the costumers' details, their visits and their preferred treatments.

Main view

It has an easy to use list with all the customers in it. This list is sorted alphabetically and is supported by search forms that allow you to filter the list. Finding a customer has never been easier.

You can store all the details of the costumer in the middle fields. A few examples are cell phone, address, date of birth, e-mail and so on. The pane on the right is a text box, used to write down details about preferred treatments. For example, which color of dye this costumer uses each time.

Visitor list

The upper right button (arrow) is used to let the text box swap with a visitor list. This new box will hold all the dates when the costumer visited the Hairstudio. It also has an easy button to add the current date into the list.

Picture pane

The tool also allows you to add a picture of the customer. This picture pane allows you to either browse for a picture or let's you drag and drop a picture file onto it. Adding pictures has never been easier!