WPF: A Model First Approach

The usual approach, when building a WPF application, even when using a ViewModel, fact remains that the views are rather tightly coupled by the model you're using.

Don't get...



HyperQube is(/started as) an IFTTT variant, built on top of PushBullet, created for the desktop.

It connects to PushBullet's websocket using the API key provided in your account settings....


NuGet as a plugin deployment platform

NuGet has become quite popular among .NET developers. As described in one of my earlier posts, it is an amazing tool to manage external dependencies.

It's not just a...


Resolving types while stripping down nullables

I'm currently working on a WPF project that uses advanced validation for their screens.

Each WPF control has a property that accepts a data type for the property you're binding...


Exceptions and the TPL

When an exception occurs while using the TPL, it will always get wrapped with an AggregateException before you can catch and handle it. This makes catching specific exceptions quite bothersome as...