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Daily Tracing

No doubt about it. Tracing is very important when working on a project.


Playing with Sets

The Distinct method is one of the really useful methods in the System.Linq namespace. Internally, it's really simple, too. It will just iterate your collection and add them all to...


Colored Console TraceListener

Writing to the Console can provide a lot of useful information while developing. While this can easily be done by using the static Console class, I prefer using the Trace...


Secure Strings

A lot of programs use some form of passwords. These are usually kept in memory. The issue here is that a program's used memory is very easy to read out...


Playing with Generic References: Hidden features of C#

When writing generic classes, it's highly likely you've gotten to the point (at least once) where you had to write a piece of type-specific code (wether due to third party...